Special Programs

Miracle Kids is offering following programs at this time.

  1. Group Therapy
  2. We will screen your kid and his needs to decide the best environment for him to grow socially and verbally in a group setting. The classes will be in different ratio depending on the intensity / cognitive and behavioral function of your child.

  3. Yoga
  4. Our therapist has intensive training in providing individualized or group yoga to your child. Yoga helps with muscle control, sensory integration, increases physical endurance and enhances overall personality development.

  5. Therapeutic Listening Program
  6. Our therapist will screen and format a Therapeutic Listening Program that will assist your child’s sensory, cognitive, language and behavioral organization which in turn will assist in academic and social growth.

  7. Small group Birthday Parties
  8. We realize our special needs population have limited access to public facilities and hence we have designed this program to gear as Small group social events. We realize our kids have sensory integration issues, social integration issues, behavioral issues and or may not be able to function in regular play ground or Gymboree kind of environment.

Please ask any of the therapists at Miracle Kids for any of these programs.